46°47’XX”N 10°16’XX”E, Installation view, 2019

46°47’XX”N 10°16’XX”E

​​An artificial boulder made of materials such as paper, acrylic paint and resin is placed in nature. The title gives the location of the artwork. As the last digits of the geographical coordinates are obscured, the location is not provided accurately. Instead, an area covering roughly three square kilometers is given. Viewers are forced to scrutinize every rock or boulder in the area in order to find the artwork. As natural objects can be seen as potential artworks, nature is transformed into an exhibition.

46°47’XX”N 10°16’XX”E, Installation perimeter, 2019

46°47’XX”N 10°16’XX”E, Detail, 2019

46°47’XX”N 10°16’XX”E, Detail, 2019