Gregor Vogel (*1993 in Zurich) is a conceptual artist based in Zurich. His practice bridges realms between relational aesthetics, environmental science and digital media art. With a wide-ranging approach that spans performance, photography or digital algorithms he aims to offer an alternative perspective on topics that he deems socially relevant. Though employing a frame of references taken from different cultural, artistic or scientific backgrounds, his works aim to communicate to a broad audience.


Exhibitions / Performances / Awards (Selection)

Parkettkosmos | Kunsthaus Zurich (group exhibition)
the object as is | Zurich (group exhibition)
Corona Call | M54 | Basel
Corona Call | Kunstraum Kreuzlingen
Studio 413 | Glasgow
Building Words | Online
Kunst im Nomad | Basel
Last Words from the Periphery | Werkerei | Zurich
Das Klima streikt! | Museum Bickel | Walenstadt
Corona Call | Wasserkirche | Zurich
Draw A Map To Get Lost | Public Space | Zurich

Visarte Corona Call (award)
A Brief Inquiry Into Empty Space | Zurich (group exhibition)
Gasträume Zürich (group exhibition)
Art des Hauses | Schlosspark Andelfingen (group exhibition)
Aber danke für die Nachfrage | (group exhibition)
ACT Festival | (group exhibition)
Klimainfarkt | Kunstraum Egg/Museum Bickel (group exhibition)
Art & Science | Gerald Moore Gallery | London (group exhibition)
10 (Zehn) | Neuer Saarbrückner Kunstverein | Saarbrücken (group exhibition)
Chiang Mai Biennale | Chiang Mai (group exhibition)

Body + Mind | Toni Areal (group exhibition)
VOLUMES | Kunsthalle Zürich (group exhibition)
Connected Space | Bern (group exhibition)
Jungkunst | Winterthur (group exhibition)
blinded by the light | Public Spaces | Bülach (solo exhibition)
Curraint d’ajer | Nairs (group exhibition)
Leftover | Tart | Zurich (group exhibition)
Brennmaterial | Zurich (solo exhibition)

Projected.Capital | Roehrs & Boetsch | Zurich (group exhibition)
Error | Academia Moderna | Zagreb (group exhibition)
Coincidence of parallel | sic! Raum für Kunst | Lucerne (group exhibition)
Vehement | Villa Merkel | Esslingen (group exhibition)
Illuminate | Zug (group exhibition in public spaces)
Ghost Expedition | TSE Gallery | Astana (group exhibition)
WAVE | Bülach (sound performance)
I draw you drawing me | Kunstkasten | Winterthur (public performance)
ZHdK degree show | Toni Areal (group exhibition)
JKON | Olten (group exhibition)
HEAR | Toni Areal (concert)

Objets et préjugées | Paris (group exhibition)
Biennale Osijek | Osijek (group exhibition)
2nd Prize at Biennale Osijek (award)
QWAS - Migrating Dialogue | Toni Areal (group exhibition)
For your eyes only | Toni Areal (solo exhibition)
24hours project | Tart | Zurich (solo exhibition)
Artbat Festival | Almaty (art festival)
HERE | Toni Areal (sound performance, livestream)
Tarmac Festival | Renens (art festival)
JKON | Olten (group exhibition)
Maurer-Billeter-Foundation prize (advancement award)

Kings & Queens | Bülach (group exhibition)
Shakespeare Festival | Zurich (group exhibition)
ETH Fotoausstellung | Zurich (group exhibition)

KUNSTpause | Zug (group exhibition)

KUNSTpause | Zug (group exhibition)


Gregor Vogel
Birmensdorferstrasse 313*
8055 Zurich


(*) I live in Zurich where living space is scarce and moving is frequent. If you want to make sure that I receive your consignment or letter you better check back with me by email first.