What we do, when and for how long we do it



In 2017 the artist was invited to conceive an exhibition at Tart Zurich for 24 hours. The result was an interactive installation called What we do, when and for how long we do it consisting of steel chains frozen in blocks of ice. As time passed, the ice blocks which were hanging from the ceiling proceeded to melt, allowing the chains to unwind and the water to drop to the floor. While the audience was able to move freely, as the sculptures only occupied the upper half of the room, they were forced to stay in closer proximity of the sculptures, when they started to fill the whole space from the ceiling to the floor.

Depending on the behavior of the visitors, whether they moved or stood still, opened or closed the door of the gallery or touched the ice, the process at play could be accelerated or slowed down. Thus the audience was able to take influence on the time-specificity of the installation.

Art © Gregor Vogel 2020