Imagining the Shape of a Wave



At the start of every day during the four weeks of the exhibition a new block of snow was placed on the pedestal and left to melt. As the change of seasons gradually altered the surroundings of the gallery, the snow had to be brought from the other side of the valley. Since the remaining snow in the landscape would often be found in the shade beneath trees and rocks, it would contain more objects such as leaves, pebble stones or soil. As the snow melted, the enclosed objects were left on the pedestal, creating shapes reminiscent of cartographies yet to be defined.

Imagining the Shape of a Wave was shown within the context of curraint d'ajer at Fundaziun Nairs, along works by Remy Erismann, Hollie Miller, Kerstin Mörsch, Aischa Gianna Müller, Aletta De Jong, Johanna Schaible & Vida Simon.

Art © Gregor Vogel 2020