I draw you drawing me (skype)

Collaboration with Fiona Könz

December 2016


The two performers sit at their desks in front of their computers, connected through a video call. Each of them has a stack of paper next to them, from where they take sheets to draw each other. When finished, each drawing of their counterpart is laid to the ground, so that slowly growing areas of their rooms get covered by them. It is not intended that the performers would take breaks or get up from their chairs. The act ends, when one of the two performers ends the connection.

The performance started at 8PM after an ordinary workday and lasted four and a half hours, during which 171 drawings were made. The idea of looking and not looking at each other, is present in the act of drawing, as well as in the impossibility of making eye contact through the camera and the computer screen.

The performance creates a paradox relation between intimacy (the respective personal locations) and distance (the video call).

Art © Gregor Vogel 2020