I draw you drawing me (mirror)

Collaboration with Fiona Könz

June 2017


I draw you drawing me was performed for the third time at Tarmac Festival in Renens, Switzerland. The performers sat across from each other on plain black chairs in a pedestrian zone, a stack of white sheets of paper arranged between them. Different from the first two iterations, the direct connection between the two was blocked by two mirrors. Each participant would therefore get a view of their own head and shoulders, completing their counterparts‘ body. During the performance, they draw portraits from their point of view, leading to various results in choice of motive. When finished, each drawing was laid and taped to the ground, so it would not get blown away by the wind. In six hours, during which the performers did not get up or take breaks, 120 drawings were made.

Images: Nadine Cocina

Art © Gregor Vogel 2020