blinded by the light

Collaboration with Fernando Obieta



Blinded by the light is an installation consisting of multiple interconnected objects placed in public space. By pressing a button on a console, passerbys can access a surveillance camera placed in a tree overseeing a section of a public park or pedestrian zone. On the observed location a line on the ground marks the perimeter which is overseen by the camera. For the time the provided button is pushed, the observed location is illuminated by a spotlight, informing the people there that they are being observed.

The audience can choose whether they want to be part of the surveillance system as an observing or an observed subject. Public space is transformed into a stage.


47°10‘09.7“N  8°30‘50.9“E

47°10‘14.3“N   8°30‘46.9“E

47°10‘00.4“N  8°30‘51.1“E

47°10‘07.9“N  8°30‘51.0“E

Art © Gregor Vogel 2020