40 Hours Present

Collaboration with Fiona Könz



40 Hours Present was exhibited within the framework of Jungkunst 2019, an exhibition taking place over five days with a total opening time of 40 hours. For the whole timespan of the exhibition the artists carried streaming cameras with them that were directed at themselves. The cameras streamed directly to the exhibition space where two screens suspended from the ceiling provided the viewers with the apparent presence of the two artists.

The audience would thus get a realtime insight on the actions of the artists during the exhibition times showing their professional as well as their private lifes. While incorporating the notion of artists being present during their shows 40 Hours Present also subverts the very same idea by showing the subjects in situations outside of the exhibition space such as walking in public, staying home, using public transport, meeting people or visiting a museum.

Locating the work somewhere at the intersection of documenting reality and performance suggests  questions concerning the authenticity of the depicted actions, calling to mind broader fields of interest such as surveillance, self-censorship and voyeurism.

Images: Claudia Stöckli

Art © Gregor Vogel 2020