2‘656 People

Collaboration with Fiona Könz



Using a questionnaire containing ten questions, the artists aimed to get an idea about what meaning and significance people around them would give to the term “knowing someone”. The answers were recorded and compiled into a 20-minute sound piece, available to the visitors of the exhibition via a pair of headphones and a screen providing the questions.

For the performance shown in the exhibition, the artists elaborated their own, personal definition of the term and proceeded to write down the names or descriptions of all the people they know on white sheets of paper taken from a stack between them. When filled with names and descriptions, each paper was pinned to the wall, resulting in a growing list of both their combined social surroundings.

After the end of the performance, the filled sheets were displayed in a different room of the gallery, where visitors could look at them and possibly find their names or a description of their person.

The number of people referred to in the title is the combined amount of people that were listed during the whole duration of eight hours, not taking into account those who were written down by both performers and would therefore appear on the list twice. The performance makes a reference to the notion that two different people do not know a third person in the same way and it could thus be stated that they know two different people.


2‘656 People was shown within the context of the exhibition LEFTOVER at Tart in Zurich curated by Livio Beyeler. Other participants of the exhibition were Anissa Nussbaumer, Florian Fülscher, Sasha Davydova & Julia Skof, Janine Eisenächer & Steffi Weismann.

Images: Valentina De Pasquale

Art © Gregor Vogel 2020